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Date: July 6th 1945
Helen and Howie


No. 3 C.I.B. Work

Shop R.C.E.ME.


Dearest Helen and Howie.

Please excuse pencil.

Well how are you my love havn’t heard from you for a hole week. But I just got back of leave on the 3rd and then I had to move as you can see by my address. So I guess it will take a while befor your mail caches up to me. I had a letter from mother when I got back the first one in ages. I guess I had better write one today. I wrote you a letter from England when I was with Jake, I went and seen the people in Croydon. And a few of the boys I know at Aldershot and Slow. I don’t suppose the names of the places mean anything to you. But I am now back in Holland, And by the looks of thing I may be here a longtime yet I will be very lucky If I am home by Xmas. This year They are telling us they havn’t Shipes to get us back but I have my doutes if it is that maby old king wants to like a little longer I guess that is the reason for making us stay. I don’t know what is the matter with the people at home I guess they don’t give a dam about the boys getting home. I don’t know what to think I have asked you to be good till the war is over and I would be back but I can’t very well ask you much more or we will bouth me to dam old to do anything by the time I do get there. I guess I should sign for the East at least we would have 30 days together what you say. Or do you wan’t me to wate god that word I have heard it and said it so long I wish they would find another just to be different. Well honey I am afraid you will be getting discusted with me. And I don’t blame you as my letters aren’t up to much and after all I havn’t been a husband very long have I just three months out of nearly 4 years. Well I better go and eat now or I will be to late. Hope you re all well and Say hello to every one that still remembers me. All my love dearest I am yours forever if you will keep me.

Be good and tell Howie with luck Daddy may get home some day. Your loving husband Bill.


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