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Date: January 30th 1943

P.S. hope to here from you soon. a nice big one not like I write xx oo

Jan 30/43

Dearest Helen

Well how are you my love. I am O.K. I am back at the Regiment now, But I have a diferent job now it seems as though I have had a go at everything here. The first day I came to the outfit I got a gun trackter and from there they put me on a 8 cwt wich is the same as a light delivery. Then they put me on a 15 cwt wich is a 1 ½ ton truck. Well when I came back from the Hospital they put me on a Bren gun carrier. I think you know what they are like they are these small tanks. Well honey I don’t know if that interests you much but that is just what I have doen since I came to the Reg. It seems like as soon as I get a truck fixt up they put me on another one that needs a going over. I havn’t fad a letter from you for a little while but they will come in one of these days. The last letter was the one where you gave me a balling out about not answering your telegram. But to give you a little excuse you can’t always do every thing you want to. I was broke at the time and when pay day came I didn’t see much sence in sending one as the litter would get there about the same time. Well you see I can still make excuses but that is what happened. You said Howard. Was not feeling so good and mother said you where going to feed him on the bottle that she figured that was the trouble UI hope that is what it was and I hope you are bothe fine now. That is the troble with these letters by the time you get them things have changed so much. Say honey those airgraphs don’t get here as fast as a litter I think that is caused from so many uscing them.

And I would like a big fat letter to read better to. I am thinking of going on leave around the first of march. I wish I could be having it with you but it can’t be helped can it. I have got to go just to get away and get a rest for a while. I have got 18 days coming now. But the hole trouble is the money situation. By gosh I never go out and I havn’t had a drink foracourns age but I get in a few games here and it seems like I never have any money. I only draw 2.45 a pay day so I don’t give the game much.

Don’t you wish you and I where rich just think if I had enouch I could go home with you fore my leave, I could take a plane fore 32 pound wich is $160. And still get back here with out being A.W.L. But that is just as good as a dream. Well honey my pen is getting empty and so is my head so be good and remember I am thinking of you day and night. There is no need to me to say take good care of Howard. But what ever you do be careful with all my love honey.

Papa Bill


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