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Date: January 6th 1945
Helen and Howie

No 7 C.I.B. Workshop

R.C.E.M.A. B.W.E.F.

C.A.O. 6/1/45

Dearest Helen and Howie

Well my love here goes for a few lines. This is my first letter in the new year. Pretty bad isn’t it. Did you have a good new year and a marry Xmas. I hope you did honey I had a fare time as good as can be expected under the present conditions. I went to see Dad on knew years day got pretty drunk but not to bad I couldn’t get you out of my mind long enough to realy have a good time although I did have a few dances. Well honey your letters are coming through in bunches now so better hope they keep coming. I havn’t writen much lately as I have been going to the next door place here as there isn’t any fire in our place. And you know how hard it is to write when there are a lot of fellows around. I went down town one night since I came here a dance with my chum and his girl and my girl she is a girl from next door just a good friend some one I go out with with the rest of the gang she is 16 years old just the right age for me she shore acts it to. So don’t go worrying about me faling in love with any one els. Well what do you think of this war now it sort of make a fellow wonder when it will end. So you liked the perfume I am shor glad to hear you got it. I left France befor I could get any more but I will see if I can get some of the boys there to send some up. I had a lot of cigs come in the other day 1200 so I am well away for a while but they go fast as the people never have any hear. I had some snaps taken in Brusels from the 2 when I was with dad So I will send one when he sends them to me. How about some more snaps of you and Howie. Well it is just about the end of the papper. Most of all honey just remember to wait for me as I am for you it must end some time.


All my love dearest I am yours for good honey XXXX lots of them to



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Original Scans