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Date: February 23rd 1943
Helen and Howard


Dearest Helen & Howard.

Well here I am at last kid. We just came back to Camp and right now I am on guard so here goes for a few lines. I just came back of leave this morning I was late to but lucky me I never got caught. I went to Wales to see some people and had a nice quiet leave. The first time I have been in a house over here. They shore made me feel at home. There was good weather all the time in fact it was swell. I haven’t heard from you for some time but I suppose they will come in any day I received a letter from Mae today saying that you were OK. So that is the main thing isn’t it. The country up in Wales is a lot like home lots of hills and it is realy very pretty. I havn’t had any sleep for two nights now and as soon as I get back they stick me on guard. But remember when you and I never got to bed when we were in Calgary and at home. I guess it won’t kill me will it. Boy those pictures of Howard and you are shore swell hope you keep sending them so I can see how you are keeping I shore hope you are feeling tops now. I feel a lot Better as you may tell by this letter. After that weeks rest. I mean rest to I never got up till 12 and 2 every day and then I layed around the house all day or out in the sun. I went to a few pictures in the afternoons played cards at night and I realy feel a lot better. The people that I stayed at all friends o some fellow I new back there. And did they ever make a fus over Howards picture. They shore would like to see you they are bouth very old people or getting on I should say and they called me son all the time and realy treated me so. Well how did you like Churchhills speech the other day or did you here it do you think you can bare to wait will next year till we get together I don’t know how in heck I can but he said that it would be all over by then. I shor hope it isn’t any longer. Well honey it looks as though we are going to be buisy for this summer like we have been for the last month or more. I started a letter to you in the truck when we stoped once but it is still there I don’t know if I should enclose it in this or not but I will if I can find it tomorrow. I am back at my old job now pulling the guns. I would like to till you what we did in the last tow months but you know I can’t it would give me somthing to write about. But honey it will leave me lots to tell you when I get back won’t it. Well honey I don’t know of any thing to write OK I didn’t tell you about my feed of well kooked grub. They fed me like I was a king. And honey I didn’t get drunk. I went out every day and had a few glasses of beer just enough to give me an appitight. I think that Christmas befor you and I got married cured me of drinking remember. I hope it did you too, well Dearest I think I shall sign of now as it is 1 oclock and I should get a little sleep befor I go on guard again at 4 oclock. or I will be falling asleep at my post. But always remember honey keep your chin up it will all be over some day and we will be able to live our own life ay promise me again not to get down hearted and don’t forget that we will all be back sometime and it may come just as fast as it started. Well goodnight my love remember I love you and you are the one I am going to do my part for. Well say again good night my loves hope to see you soon. all my love.

Daddy Bill Evans.

PS. I will write as soon as I can, yours for ever.


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Original Scans