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Date: February 12th 1945
Helen and Howie


Dearest Helen and Howie.

Well my love how are you had a letter from you today it was swell to hear from you again as you missed a week. I have missed about two now. But you know the pictures I said I had taken in Bruseles well Dad sent them today but they aren’t worth a good G—D—If I am here long enough I will see If I can get another and see if it turns out OK it shows my features OK but they aren’t clear but I suppose they are better than nothing. So I will send one any way. I haven’t been out much just over here at the house at nights its spend the time go to a show when I can get in and have a beer if I can’t but its just something to spent the time.  got the pear of little wooden shows lined up now so will get them away to you right away they are better than the last ones I has smaller the others where to darn big, about big enough for Howie. Say just thought of some real news don’t know if you have heard yet but Bill Falk got married on his leave from Hear. He has a very nice looking wife. So I guess Kay and May will have to look for another for friend says Bill. I guess they will all be married before this is over but I think the ones that are left had better hurry up as I think it is just about wound up I suppose Stan Baptist will be the next one now. As soon as he gettes his leave he may be on it now as I havn’t seen him around for a long time.

Can you understand the language they speak in Holland I will write some just to see if you can or get one of the boys here to at the end of my letter I have a heck of a time getting them all mixed up As I have told you before they are speaking hear now so you can see by some of the thing I have started to write and closed out. Well I must close now I know I havn’t said much but I am in big hopes to see you soon if they get cracking and get it over and I must have something left to tell you. He.He. Yk heb u eug lif en hoop u goum te zuin. As ever your loving husband Bill XXXXXXX OOOO

P.S. Give plenty of those kisses and hugs to Howie.

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Original Scans