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Date: May 18th 1917
Cobourg World
Earl Croft

Lieut Earl Croft Writes of Conditions in England, Crowborough,

April 16, 1917.

Our weather is as usual with loads of rain and mud. Our school is moved from this place now. They moved it up Beck's Hill-on-Sea. However, you can see that I am still here. There are about twenty officers here who are all through their courses waiting to get a chance to go to France. I guess we will not have to wait long now, as I see there are a number of Canadian officers killed in action. They may be keeping us here to send us all at once to France. However, I do not know. Was for a ride in an aeroplane the other day. It was great, only I was a little afraid at first. It was Lieut. Gibson, who is a R.F.C. fellow and belongs to the Imperial Army, who took me for, half an hour. I can tell you that it was some fly. I suppose you notice that the Canadians are doing great work over in France. They are the boys. I told you in my last letter that the Huns would not stand very long in their new positions. I guess I was right. I am going to say that they will not last any longer than this fall. We have them on the run and will keep them going. Best regards to all. EARL CROFT, Army P.O. London, England.