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Anwyl mam ar tuly ar Plant

I received one of your most welcome letters yesterday readdressed to me from Nain and I was so glad to hear that you are all quite well and quite happy though lonely and that you are buying chicks for the chicken ranch but I am sorry to say I wont be able to come home yet as I am afraid we have not finished the war yet but never mind I am still in England and likely to be for some time and one can never tell what may happen in the next few months and so I am sure you will look after the chicks till I come home so cheer up and always keep smiling, and Mam bach I hope you dont worry as much as you used to I am very worried about that always, so please dont worry. 

I am expecting a long letter from Auntie Kate since I have been wounded and I do hope she hasn’t eloped with somebody.  Poor old [?] and Tom Foster and were is Tom Foster now and the wife some of the L.B. boys I met here dont believe me when I tell them he is married and I was surprised to hear that Delex Murray had married and who to?  Mam bach more particulars please and how old is he for “goodness sake”, and how are Mr and Mrs Young getting along

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