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Mother and Family

Somewhere in France

Dear Mother and Family

I received [?] of your always most welcome letters and I am very thankful to you for sending me a letter so often, and also your letters are so cheerful make them as bright as you can mother. 

I had your parcel this week and it was great, and the potted meat does go so good on my biscuits which are rather hard it was so tasty, and I wish we had cake like that every day it certainly was a great success and the loaf of sugar was just the thing I wanted.  The YMCA gives us all the cocoa and milk we want but sugar is so dear so thank you from the bottom of my heart for that parcel and hope it is not putting you out of pocket to much as I would not like to rob you too much, as I did wish it was possible for you to send me a few loafs of breads, that is what we need.  Butter is 3 ½ francs her [?] so it is dear. 10 pennies is a franc.  I had a letter from father the other day and he is getting on fine though he does not like to go back to Canada at all, but he is quite cheerful.  Nain must have been very glad to see him when he went on leave, I am writing to him now. 

I was so surprised to hear about Tom Foster getting marries and to such a young girl, well tell him I wish him the very best of luck and my heartiest congratulations and my deep sympathy with Aunty Kate.

I hope you are all in the best of health as I still remain to be and that Alivena and Alan are still getting on fine, and how is Aunty Kate getting along my best love to her and thank you so much for the paper  Well ta now and with my very best love to you all and to you 

I remain your loving son Willie

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