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Mother and the family

Somewhere in France

Anwyl Mother and the family

I am writing you again after a long wait and I do hope you have not been to anxious about me, but I could not help it so you will have to forgive me again I promise to turn a new leaf over at New Year a letter every week after then and a postcard in between times I recieved both of your splendid parcels this week and I thank you from my heart for them.  The cakes were splendid and the Xmas cake and the raisins and the soap and the socks were the things I most needed and it was good of you to send them cough tablets they are fine for a cold and I had a bit of a cough and it did it a world of good, but I do hope that you are not depriving yourself of anything to send me these parcels, as I can see they are very expensive such as these cakes and [?] cakes and Veno’s Lightings and it would hurt me very much if I thought I was robbing you, and you certainly know what I need most here, I am about the only one of the boys here that gets really thoughtful things in his parcels everything you have sent has been the very thing I needed and I cannot tell you how thankful I am to you for your own great kindness in sending me these parcels as I greatly welcome every one.

Well we are in pretty comfortable billets for over Xmas nice and warm, and able to get a bath as often as you like, and good food.  Keeping clean is a great job out here, I had a bath and clean underwear one day and we went to another billet and the next morning the vermin were [?] over me that I soon got rid of them but I wish you would send me some Keatings powder in your next parcel as it is a great help to keep them away.

And how it Auntie getting along I do want to thank her for sending me the paper so regular I do appreciate it every week and when I get back I wont forget Auntie bach, and I very happy Xmas to you Auntie and a first class New Year.  I had a letter from my father the other day and he said he was sending me some gloves and muffler and socks soon so I am waiting for them.

I will try and send you all a little souvenir after New Year such as a handkerchief if I can get them through the mail so cheer up and is Alan and Alivena getting along, Alan must be quite a big boy by now just on going to school and Alivena will be big enough to go soon, when are you going to send the family picture along and Auntie must be in it too, I would like one

Well I wish you all a merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, and I hope I will be with you in the next Xmas, we will have a good time wont we? 

Well I must close now, and with my best love to you all and to you Mam bach.

I remain

Your ever affectionate son,


P.S. [?] and keep in the best of health this Xmas and don’t over eat

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