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Date: February
Mam and Family

Somewhere in France


Anwyl Mam and Family

I am writing you a few lines to let you know that I am still in the best of health and hope to be for some time and hoping you are all the same.  Well and how are you all still cheerful and all quite happy I hope.  remember the worst is yet to come and all will be fine and dandy in the future or as we say here We should worry.  I am still cheerful and I think we will all be home before next winter if my luck still holds out and my number is not called and I hope to get a reception when I do arrive and one most important thing which I hope you will not forget. a good meal.  you know the kind our usual Sunday noon dinner. Auntie knows.  I am writing this letter on paper that I had in my Xmas stocking we all got from different people in Canada  I will send you the address of the lady that sent mine and wish you would thank her and it was one of the best stockings here.

I had a letter from my father and he was feeling much better and I answered it and now waiting for another one from him and see how he is.

I had a splindid box of cigarettes from Nain and I was so pleased to get them but what I appreciate most is the parcels you send me and I do hope I am not putting you to too much trouble and expense and I am waiting anxiously for that hope you won with the coupons and the insect powder.  and I was so pleased to hear that you got the cards safe and sound.  They are not much but I bought them within sound of the machine guns and snipers and the occasional shell bursting near the line so they are sure souvenirs and hope you will like them and Mrs. Young

Original Scans

Original Scans