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Date: October 3rd 1944
Helen and Howie

P.S. Keep this money it is [?] money of France


Dearest Helen and Howie

Well my love here I am once mor how are we all doing hony hope you feel as well as I do tonight. Had a swell letter from you with the snaps of you today boy shore was swell to see what you are like just as you said hadn’t changed a bit just as beutiful as ever if not mor so if could be. It made me feel so homesick for you when I seen them. How I wish I could be there with you and Howie. But it shouldn’t be long as you say we hope. Had a letter from Jake today saying he was well and was trying to get over here but that’s all said he had a letter from dad. You told me of the money we would get when this is over sounds pretty good I know we will shor need it. But I hope they don’t think that will take the place of the [?] they have had us appart. Say did you get the furniture paid for yet or am I in too much of a hurry, but I just can’t wate till we get it paid for. Say have you seen Mae and Ray lately did I tell you of the swell parcel of gum I had from them and the one I had from you just started on the shaving soap and the blades this morning I was telling the boys I have never had to worry about blades or soap as just as I get short of it you send another parcel and away I go again till the next one. Pretty swell of you honey I realy appreciate it. But I am so used to getting it that I never realy think of what I would do for the things if you didn’t send them.

By the way I haven’t got my pictures back yet I had taken. But when I do you won’t likely believe it as I have promised so often but never did get any away to you I may be counting my chickens before they hatch now. But they should be here any day now. You said you where going to send me a pickture of you for Christmas just like I asked you to do in my last letter I can’t think of any thing I would like better, unless, “well you know, its you.”

Have left our place I mean my folkes yet and how is Bettys Babby coming along now. Boy I was shor supprised to hear of Maddys arrival. What about it was it on the secret but why didn’t I hear of it befor,. Give them my congradulations. Everyone will have one when I get back. I won’t feel as prowd as I do now maby I thought we where the only once that could do that but I bet we have done the job the best any way what you say. He had better be better than the rest or els, I guess I will have to put you to blame. Are we going to try again I hope but not for a long while I hope well we can see about that when I get home. Well I must close now. I am getting on the wrong track you will be thinking that’s all I think of. Well, what els is there to think of? After all that is as close as we can get and still be in 2 pieces and the closer the better for me.

Well my love I must close as I said and I will write again soon. I do love you remember what I told you when I left do you I said I will be back and dearest I will I am just fine now and there is nothing to worry about.

All my love dearest yours for ever  




Howies xxxxxxxxxx


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