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Date: October 6th 1944
William Hollett

Friday Oct. 6th 1944

Lincoln S Wellond



Dear Mom :-

Just a few lines to let you know I’m well and happy and still thinking of you. I’m on duty from 1 PM till 7 PM in the kitchen of a farm house so I have some time to write to you opportunities like this don’t come often so consider yourself very lucky. I received a few letters this week and amongst them was one from [?] and one from Ebbie. God Bless em. I guess [?] away by now with Louie and Judy. Next thing you know you’ll have an empty house again but then I don’t expect it’ll be that way very long when Cliff and I will be home again. Just think that old bedroom of ours awaiting and couple of lazy guys to occupy it and the panty shelves to root around in. We get lots of opportunities over here to root through pantries and cellars usually [?] has to [?] everything first (over) though. We do pretty well just the same. Weve had eggs any time we wanted them all this week, fresh pork also, yesterday I discovered a couple of hives of bees so we had honey on our bread yesterday and to-day and will continue to enjoy some for [?] considerable time to come. I’ve a good notion to start keeping bees in our own backyard when I get back there. I’ve had honey on bread on porridge, and on some whole wheat cookies we had [?]. We even make our own four and coffee and bake all kinds of queer things. We’ve been debating whether to try a pie or not because we have all kind of apples, all kinds of pears, and all kinds of peaches. If we do I’ll let you know how it turns out. However I’d still prefer one of yours. I haven’t heard from Cliff in [?] considerable time but I know just how it is so I can readily understand. It harder to write a letter from out here than it would be from Calgary or Brampton. Theres lots to write about but for our own safety and [?] we can’t mention it. Besides (over) that were mostly kept pretty busy all day and all night too. sometimes we get lots of sleep others we go for days without. It’s a good life at times and then there are times when I’d just as soon be somewhere else. However I asked for it and now I must make the best of it. I’ve been studying Belgian in my spare moments and have acquired a firm understanding. I can ask a lot of question at least and carry on a bit of a conversation at the same time of course I usually have a mixture of English and French mixed in with it.

Uh! Oh! gotta go Mom I’ll write again as soon as I can.



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