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Date: October 2nd 1944
William Hollett

Monday Oct. 2nd 44

Lincoln & Welland Regt.


Dear Mom:-

Here it is October! And here I am still in Belgium! Im in a swell Regiment though; a better bunch of guys you wouldnt want to meet. We live like kings most of the time too. For instance weve had chicken (roasted, fried, boiled and in soup) every day for almost a week; for a change to-day we had pork chops, beside [?] we have eggs so often I’m almost sick of them: fresh vegetables fresh fruit, milk, cheese and some of the finest preserves you ever did [?]. We take it because otherwise it would perish; The people who [?] most of it have evacuated until after the fighting is finished [?] left thin stock to the mercy of any who happen to come along [?] first then us. you should see some of the boys cleaning a chicken it’s the funniest thing you ever did see. It reminds me of the first time Ada and Irene cleaned a chicken. Some funny [?] occurred-one day for instance when another fellow and I went out to get some chickens, I had no idea how to proceed but things worked out pretty well. We got about ten chickens cornered ad I was preparing to grab one when swish his head went flying over my shoulder – lo and behold there was my partner who [?] left and right with a fence picket we got five more plump chicks that way and had them plucked and cleaned in less than an hour and supper consisted of corn on the cob, French fried potatoes, bottles beans fried chicken and for dessert preserved peaches, almost every day we have some form of the above. If we could have some poetry to go with it it would be complete. You can see by this note that everything is rosy with me, and I imagine Cliff is doing just about as well we go to the rear in a couple of days leave once in a while and [?] whoop it up in some city that’s not too badly banged up. Last week we went to Brugges on the North coast it was quite a treat seeing a city that has hardly been touched by [?] I talked with a few English speaking people who told me a lot of things about life with the Germans. Take it from me we use a lot of propaganda too.

I received the picture O.K. but boy where were they ever [?] of course the camera never lies, does it? “Note” remind me to tell you something when I get home that just happened. It’ll kill you! The weather is sure swell here to-day Im sitting out in the sun in a nice big easy chair in my undershirt it sure feels [?] over my head these apples as red as cherries just a couple of yards is a pear tree and not much farther are a couple of peach trees. The house were using now is really a shambles but it gives a shelter at night from the cold and rain. Sometimes were more fortunate and score a feather bed – I think I told you about that one time before.

How’s things home mom? Still keeping practiced up at making ice box cookies, chocolate cake and apple pie I hope because the other night I dreamed I was eating some of your apple pie with two big scoops of vanilla Ice cream on top speaking of ice cream-while I was in Brugges they had ice cream for sale Five francs a scoop I bought fifteen scoops before the day was over it cost me in our money a total of a dollar and fifty cents but I figure it was worth it. Say me too everyone mom I’ve got to write to Ebby I got one from her the same time I got yours’ Well old dear look after yourself and Dad too in the time between now and when we get back look after everything

Cheerio and pip pip


Original Scans

Original Scans

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