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Date: October 19th 1944
Helen and Howie


Dearest Helen and Howie

Well my love here I am once mor had a swell letter from you on the 16th in answer to my lonesome one as you put it I think they are all asking for sympathy: aren’t they At least I am always feeling the same way but I think I must express it mor in some letters than others.

Well the boys are all at the show now I supposed you wonder why I am not well you see I just am not in the mood I would sooner answer your letter. I was on a weekend last week I had a fare time I wen’t for a rest but didn’t get get much as we all went out and had a few drinks and looked around the country But I got you something I have been looking for for a long time it is the only thing that I seen worth while getting. I will send it tomorrow if I can find papper to wrap it in that is the hard part now. I hope if you use it befor I get home that you will save the container and box as we can keep it for a soveneer of France. I have some things of intrest here but I will have to bring them with me. Well how are you feeling now. Say if you wonder just

(Letter Ends Here)

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