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Date: September 28th 1944
Helen and Howie


Dearest Helen And Howie

Well my love how are you tonight at least it is night here hope you are o.k. I just had an air mail sent on Sept. 11 your birthday I suppose you figured I had forgoten it well I shor didn’t I looked all over for something to send you but the only thing I can see is something that is just mor or less a keeps sake because you can’t send silver ware or any thing mor than a card because they sensor everything So I got a card just for a keep sake as I said, from France but I have some things to give you when I get home if nothing happens so I have to get rid of it. Shor glad I was mistaken about that little trouble I thought you where having at home you ran out of spase on the air mail. Shor wish day and nights would pass faster so it would bring our getting together sooner if not wake up till it is all over But it shouldn’t be long now. I was just looking over this writing and can’t read it myself so I don’t know how you will. But just to give you a picture of the position I am in I am in bed with the radio blasting away in my ears with my head propedupon on hand and trying to write with the other and hold the papper to it is pretty cold so I climed into bed and my [?] old back is sor again just like it was in Cal that time how is yours I think we had better get some new one when we get this war over. The roads over here are pretty bad and it is hard on the back any way going all day every day. But I just keep saying well it can’t go on much longer and when Germany has fallen I am coming home as I could go now if I realy wanted to but I said I was going to see it out so thats what I intend to do. What you say,? Well one arm has gone to sleep now and the other is getting out of control so it is good this letter is just about gone. Just to give you an idea what my position is I will try and show you so you can show Howie to and I gotta go to so when you gotta you gotta so I will finish this and God bless you honey I love you well you know how much mor than I can ever say on papper, and do write another swell letter soon I just look forward to one every day. Even if it is just a few lines. Say hello to all for me and tell me all the news. Even if you don’t think it is of intrest I still think it is, all my love about I am give


Xxxx xxxx

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Original Scans