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Date: August 5th 1942

B troop 91st Bty 6 Field

Reg. C.A.O.

Aug 5 1942

Dearest Helen.

Well how is my love I am fine. I received your letter yesterday and your parcel to. Boy it is a swell parcel and every thing you sent just hits the spot I was just about out of Soap and Blades. You would think you have been over here by the way you know just what I need. Sau what do you mean when you say here is your old lady. Well kid I wish I had have been with you on your Birthday remember the last one that was the night I took you home wasn’t it. Yes you can say that again. When you say time flies and things happen and I hope it will go a lot faster till I get back. Say honey. There is talk around that a man can get his wife over here after a few months what would you think of it. It would be swell in a way. It would be a swell trip to for you. They are sending them over by plain. But we won’t say to much about it because it hasn’t come through yet, But I have thought of it a lot. Say I just remember I should give you a good spanking Because you better quit your worrying. about me. I am not going to stick my neck out when it isn’t supposed to be up. Say you and mother are having a competition who can be sick the most aren’t you. Well hears hoping you both get it all over 100% and I know you will feel a lot better. I got a card from Jobe and Eva. You mailed them out didn’t you. At least it looks like your righting. Well kid I hope I will hear good noose from you like that soon. Well how is Eva and the babby. I hope they are both doing swell. The damd old Jerries went by here the other day and bombed a school and gota hole school full of little children. It is shore a dirty way of fighting a war isn’t it. So when you feel like you would like to live all over again and not have the little one if you do which you must sometimes just think of what things the people are going through here. When they lose a hole town full of little tots. After going through what you are to have them and to rais them and in about a second have them all blown to hell, Well that is enough of that. When you say Jobe was worse than Eva I can imagine me in his boots. It is to bad they got a boy but I hope you and her didn’t get mixt up and you have the girl because you wouldn’t like that because we would have to have another one and get a boy.. “hay.,”

Well honey you asked me if I seen the Bogg Boys yet well not yet and by what I heard last night I may never see Sheldon. But keep that to yourself because the fellows at the office might have their wires crossed. I shore hope they have. But I lost a lot of friends I that Diep raid. And I haven’t seen Ben lately But he is OK. The place he is in he will go across the pond after me. So unless he falls out of Bed and hurts himself he won’t be hurt. Well it is getting dark so will make this the last page will write again soon. And don’t worry my love. I love you and am true to you hope and know you will be the same. The Best of Health and All my love for ever you Bill.


Write soon tell mother I will write her tomorrow.

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