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Date: August 1st 1942

91st BTY 6 Can. Field

Reg. C.A.O.

Aug 1st. 1942

Dearest Helen:

Well I got your letter yesterday that you wrote on June 13 I also got mothers. Boy it was shore good to hear from you. But I can’t figure out why you aren’t getting my letters I write every week. But I suppose you will get them all at once like I do. I am shore glad to hear you and the little one are doing OK.

I wrote one letter since I came to the field I hope you get it but if you don’t I will tell you some of the thing I put in it. I told you about me moving to take 6th field 2 drive. I shore like it hear but it is a lot different with the field reg than one would think. You are practicly your own Boss and that means a lot after being ordered around for so long. I went on a scheem yesterday and by the way I have my own gun-truck. And it is my truck. As far as what I do with I you can imagine how I feel just like a kid with a knew toy. It is the bigest outfit in the artilary. I pull a trailer and gun behind it and is quite a load. You have seen them in pictures I suppose because they took a lot of pictures of us for the news reals. So if you see them you may see me. Well yesterday was the first time I ever seen a gun go off and boy it is a real sight. A hole lot of them went off at once they are all 25. Bboers. That is a 25 bbo. Shell so you can imagine the bang. Well when I say any thing about a scheem it is just moving all over like we where in action firing on the range into the Oceon etc. Well I don’t know if that is of much interest to you but it is about all there is I can write about is just what I do. I never told you the way I wolk up the other morning. Well here gose. First of all I couldn’t get to sleep out in the truck and when I did I was awakened by an air raid alarm., and I had a heck of a time getting to sleep after that. And I just got to sleep when, the all clear went, thought there was a siren in every window of the truck. Well after that was all over it seemed like I just got to sleep when this gunwent of and I D.A ??? near flu out of the window. And now I am tired but I thought I had better write you a letter and then I can go to steep. Say you better be carful not to talk to long to that Sarg. or I will get jealows I guess I can’t talk I have talked to a girl here to but as log as that is all we do I mean you and I won’t have any thing to get jealous of will we. The only Time I had any thing to do with a girl was when I went on leave and I old you all about that didn’t I. Well honey I think I better quit for now and thanks a million for your parcels and cigarets and your swell letters. To the sweetest girl in the world.

XXXXXXXXOOOOOO I love you as ever


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