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Date: September 12th 1944
William Hollett

Tues Sept 12th 1944


Dear Ada :-

I’ve owed you a letter for some time now believe me it’s not my fault I haven’t answered before fact of the matter is I just this day wrote mom, first letter since six days. I guess you know Cliff is here somewhere too, it was some surprise to me to learn that he had made it before me. I will write your number down in my pay book so I won’t forget it next time. Your letter was written on the 27th of July so I guess by the time you receive this answer it will be Sept the 27th or maybe even later. I’m having a wonderful time here in France seems lots of country, meetings of old chums, including Alex (Saddler), Mac Donald, and excitement galore: no action yet of course, can’t catch up with the troops up front they are moving so fast. I’ve seen a Hell of a lot of Jerries so far (prisoners) take it from me they aren’t supermen. [Several lines blacked out by the censor]. Makes the old myth about super men seem pretty hollow. I hope mom isn’t worrying about others Cliff and [Ad?]: if she is Ads, assure her that I at least am having no tougher a time here than I had in Bragg Creek Alberta. Henrie and I are still to-gether and as far as we know now will be for some considerable time to come. I celebrated my birthday on French soil also the anniversary of my fifth year in the Cdn. Army. One day Henrie and I were in a place called [place name blacked out by censor] and we visited the shrine of Saint Theresa [?] believe me there aren’t any churches in Canada to compare with it, it has been under construction for sixteen years and it is still not finished the bombs missed it entirely although most of the buildings around it are no more. Not much more O can say without getting the censor mas at me so I’ll say so long for now, Cheers Bill

My address: FN1177 Pte. Hollett W. L



Censor signature: A.A. Livingstone.

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Original Scans

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