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Date: May 28th 1944
William Hollett

May 28th 1944

#5 Platoon B. Coy

A16 C.I.T.C.

Currie Bks.

Calgary Alta


Dear Ada:-


I’ve been wondering why I havent heard from you lately, no doubt the expected arrival has something to do with it. If I recollect correctly it was to be some time in June as my surmise just possibly might be correct


I haven’t been getting very much mail lately and if it wasn’t for the Sydney Post which Hennie gets pretty regularly, I wouldn’t know much about whats doin back there, however I’m not complaining because the opportunities for letter writing here are few and far between, we work a goodly number of nights each week and the nights we don’t were so tired that to write a letter is a real chore. To-day on the other hand is Sunday with nothing to do but darn sick wash and iron clothes and lie out in the sun which I’m doing now an while so doing take advantage of the idle moment to do [?] off a few lines to you.


There’s not a very great deal to talk about; the weather is extremely hot! It takes a lot of ambition to go anywhere you don’t have to or do anything you don’t have to. Of course on week days we have to work so on Sunday we just catch up on our washing etc. and do nothing the rest of the time except maybe write the odd letter. The funny thing about the whole business is that both Hennie and I have a 36 hour pass in our pockets and all were doing with it is skipping church parade and we slept until nine oclock this morning which we couldn’t have done without it as for going any place, thats out of the question too expensive! And the chances of being invited out to anyone’s house are pretty remote as the airforce gets the preference here. Just as an example; Hennie and I went into Calgary last night just for the sake of saying we were out of camp for a while. We went to the Y.M.C.A to sit down and sip a coke for a while, we were quite handy the reception desk and whilst sitting there the telephone rang and someone requested two service men for Sunday dinner, Well we were handiest to the desk but the old dome just ignored us and went all through the lounge looking for a couple of airforce boys so you see we infantry privates haven’t got a chance. Certainly different from Toronto where they couldn’t do enough for us. Incidentally this Mitchell Chop I wrote about before is a hard man to contact. To date I havent been able to catch up with him.


How’s Lloyd these days? still as mushy as ever? Which I know you don’t complain of. How are yous getting along yourself? How’s Mr and Mrs French? And Doug? And have you been home lately? If so how are the folks? I’d sure like to see George and Louie again, I may in July if everything works out as planned, but then everything never does.


Well Ada I am going in and take a shower now to wash the sweat off so Ill say so long and Cheerio for now


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Original Scans

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