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Date: May 6th 1944
William Hollett

May 6th 1944

#5 Platoon B/Coy

A 16 C.I.T.C

Currie Bks

Calgary Alta.


Dear Mom:-

Received the bathing suit and brushes O.K. Thanks, the note was also very welcome and this as well as being a note of appreciation for the parcel is also an answer to that note. I’m in the best of health finished a couple of miles on the double a while ago and then had a lovely hot shower so right now I feel like a million dollars pretty well sunburned now; nose, knees and arms only though. Thursday which is the day after to-morrow we march thirty odd miles from here and set up camp in the hills we wont be under [?] but will live just like the indians used to in the old days, we will undergo what is called battle innoculation ie. Simulated battle conditions; plenty of shootin etc. I expect it will be pleasant if a bit tough. The fact that the [?] is underway well make every day here now seem like a year I’ll certainly be glad when we get going

I was sorry to hear about Dad being sick! I sure hope he is better now, I also heard you had a slight spell yourself and have recovered again. You want to take it easy even though you have a wedding and too births in the card for this month, Mary has been telling me all about the tons and tons and tons of work you’ve been doing, don’t be a sap!

How’s the old town and garden comming along? I hear Tom has gone into competition with dad. good thing, it might be just whats needed. I hope the currants prove them selves this year, they should: there’s a lot of Tulips out here now as well as many other kinds of flowers I am not familiar with, The lawns are in great shape and most of the trees have some kind of a bloom on them, The Lilies are starting to fade a bit although they still make their presence know with their nice smell.



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Original Scans

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