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Date: February 15th 1918
George Brown


Corp. Geo. Brown Writes. (from England)

Corp. George Brown wrote to friends in Colborne on January 1st from a hospital in England as follows:

Well I am in 'Blighty' for a few days going back on the 5th to France, so my days are short now, but we should worry. There are better days coming soon. Then we shall meet, I hope, in good old Canada. I have a great deal to be thankful for to be spared this long for I have been in many good battles. Last summer, as you read in the papers, the Canadians were mentioned in most all papers. Well, I was in the Vimy battle. Lens is where I won the M.M. Then we went in the Passchendalle battle, also some raids that were pulled off. So you see we saw a good bit of fighting last year. The Lens battle was the heaviest one. I had many a close shave there.