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Date: February 17th 1944
William Hollett

Feb 17th 1944

Dear Ebby:-

Well kid here I am in Ontario just around 25 miles from Toronto, I wont be able to get up to see you for a couple of weeks, as we don’t get a pass until we are here for a week, however if you send me your telephone number, I’ll be able to give you a call some evening around supper time (let me know what time you get home from work) and Ill be able to catch you in then. I’m address my letters as follow’s F.11177 Tpr. Hollett W.L. and the rest is in the upper right hand corner, quite a handle! Isn’t it?

We were in Toronto this morning at half past two, it sure is a big city, my first trip to this end of Ontario, I’ve already been to Ottawa, Pembroke and Petowawa, and I guess I’ll (over) soon round out my travels in Ontario by visiting Toronto and maybe some of the other towns around. This Brampton seems to be a pretty nice place. Our camp is just around a mile from the town itself and maybe I’ll go in to-morrow night. By the way as soon as I finish this letter I’m going to go to bed and have a good sound sleep until dinner time. Its now half past nine, and already I’ve had we’ve had soup at half past four A.M. Breakfast at eight parade at eight thirty, Dental inspection and medical inspection at nine o clock so you can see we’ve had a very busy morning. I don’t find it very cold down here, yet but I remember the last time I was in Ontario, Petowawa to be exact, the old thermometer hit 43 below zero at six thirty in the morning, Brrrrrr!

I didn’t get a chance to go home before leaving Windsor, and ten chances to me I wont now, our training around here is going to keep us going for at least sixteen weeks but so long as the war isn’t over when we get finished I don’t care (over) Well Ebby old girl I hope everything is going well with you, be sure to let those boy friends know that your brother is living handy here, so that they can be ready to run when I show up.

Well kid there’s not much more to talk about this morning, I’ll wait until I get your telephone number before I write again in the mean time you can tell mom that you heard from me, so in case she doesn’t get my letter she’ll know where I am: I wrote her from Campbellton N.B. and Im going to write her again this morning so until we hear from each other


Trooper Bill

P.S. they are going to teach us how to slope arms by numbers etc. can you imagine me doing that.

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Original Scans

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