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Date: June 24th 1918

B.E.F. France

June 24th/ 18

Dear Brother & All.-

I received your letter, Herb some time ago and will now try and write you a few lines in answer to it.

Since I wrote home last I have received two parcels & two letters from home, one letter from Ethel dated May 24th & one from mother dated the 28th. I was very glad to hear that Father was able to get home from hospital and that he is getting on alright.

Both the parcels that I have just received were both in good shape, but they are sadly wrecked now.

Well Herb I was surprised to hear that you will be nineteen in July as I had been thinking that you would be just eighteen, In the paper this last couple of day I see that the time for nineteen year old men, has not been mentioned yet, so it might be a long time yet before you will be called up, especially since labor is so scarce.

If you folks ever hear of any addresses of the boys, that I know, that has just come over here lately, I wish you would let me know what they are, because we sometimes are close enough to other Battn’s. that we could go and see a chum if we know he Battn. number and Coy. that he belonged to.

I had a letter from Tom Dunk a few days ago and he is OK. and wishes to be remembered to all you folks, Tom had seen Gordon Jones just before he wrote and Gordon was alright and was looking fine.

I also had a nice letter from Elsie Jones a few days ago, there sure has been a big change in Elsie’s health since she went to Kamloops; as she says she is so much heavier and has always got a big appetite, but even at that I guess Elsie will be glad when she has finished the next and last year before she graduates.

We have had some pretty hot weather here this summer, but just at present we are getting just enough rain to keep everything nice and fresh.

Well Herb I suppose by this time you will have finished getting all your garden planted and most likely will very soon be enjoying some of it, the fields around here sure look fine now, and believe me they can grow some crops here to. The French people work very hard on the land, men, women and kids all alike, if anything the women & kids work the hardest. They do not keep very many cattle outside of two or three milking cows, we often manage to buy a drink of milk from them, several times I have made bread & milk, (a kid again)

Well Herb I guess you will be tired of reading this rubbish so I will ring-off for this time, hoping that Father keeps improving & that the rest of you are all well as this leaves Willie & I OK.

Your Loving Brother



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