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Date: October 30th 1916

Sharie sent about 6 postcards and a letter to you hope you got them


Friday 30th

Dear Jennie

This is the last letter you get from me on this side as we will be in the boat early in the morning well Jane this is a journey I have big boils setting down all the time 50 of us in one car no place to turn and I am not sory to go on the boat I met one fellow when we were marching through North Bay that work a long time up at the lake he gave me 6 boxes of cigarettes I shouted at him and he knew me in a minute well I hope that little allen and Alivena are allright and Kate the praire is a great country I wish I was a bit of farmer.  We were in Montreal this morning we have come through at a tremendous rate every train had to make way for us I am sending you a piece of paper that I cut of a Montreal paper.  Hot air if they all knew like the people of Vancouver.  Well Jane I shall write to you the first chance I get and name the people to me who you would like me to go and see when I get to [?] I am writing to you while we wait for coal at some place and I cant get anybody to spell it for me. it is french.  Go well Jane I shall not with this bunch only as little as I can with these young kids they have being scandalous all the way.  Use all kind of lanuags to the ladies and everybody along the road they thought it was very clever of them good job there are some nice fellows here I think the biggest part of the old hands will get out to well ta-ta Jane lots of kissess to Allen and Alivena and you know how much for yourself and my love to Kate


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Original Scans