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Date: January 31st 1944

Jan 31st 1944

M.P.O. 620

Winsor N.S.

Dear Rene:-

See if you can’t wake somebody up, up there to get busy and write some letters so I’ll know wether you are all alive or not, it sure seems funny not to hear when I’m so near home, of course the trouble may be in the Postal end, if I knew for sure that any letters had been mailed I’d go to the Post Office and raise a Helluva stink, but not knowing it leaves me no alternative but to wait and hope.

Things are pretty much the same here, hardening up exercises, and showing Films, and lots of long route marches. By the way I got paid to-day and drew my full pay of Rank, so I’m still a QMS W.O. II with pay right now I have almost $30 (Thirty dollars) it’s a lot of money for me, so tell mom if she needs any to let me know and I’ll send her a check or money order, of course there is still a possibility that I might have to revert to a gunner and if I do; a little reserve cash will come in mighty handy but tell mom not to let that deter her is she really needs it I can always get some from home if I’m broke.

Went to town last night, but going to town here is like going to the circus on Saturday night, you cant get into the resturants, the movie nor half the stores, the people here must be making a mint of money, they could sell almost anything if they were so minded.

Well Rene how’s Louie? can he walk by himself yet? and what do you hear from your husband; you know I had a feeling I might see him to-day as a lot of a Rank corps officers  arrived here but no such luck. How’s George getting on? still has a will of his own I guess! Tell Mary I’ll write her as soon as I can find out her address, I wrote Dad Saturday and Evelyn last night, and Mom the day before I wrote Dad. in fact to tell you the truth I find it almost impossible to write about anything when I have no letter with a lot of Questions to answer in it. I suppose Aunt Hat has gone back home by now, and things are getting pretty well settled down again.

Well Rene say me to everyone and tell them to send me a couple of letters so I’ll know how they are

Cheerio and Pip pip.


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