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that by the time you get it it doesn’t apply as yours and… that I’m telling you lots anyhow. Say you letter took a long time getting here written August the 21st and arrived here October the 22nd ask Turnbul where the heck he had it hid I also had a letter from Evelyn yesterday she’s sure looking forward to comming home isn’t she?

You one and only sure has a strange hold on you hasn’t he? Better not let him think hes got your number kid or he’ll give you a rough time of it. sure wish some dame felt that way about me! so your goin to work in Woolworths, eh? best wishes kid it does something to a person to get out on their own for a bit. I am going to enclose a souvenir for you its a badge worn by the german soldier on the left breast. This soldier wont be able to use it again so you can have it. I’m collecting these and this one makes the second. I gave the other one I think to either Ada or Mike. There is a little story attached to each one which I’ll tell you when I get home. I am waiting for a really good one for Dad and Mom. Don’t wear this though it may get you in trouble. I am going to write mom a note and just it in this letter too so that there will be three letters in the one envelope. So I’ll say so long Lennie now there’s not going to be much privacy in any of these letters, is there?



Dear Mom:-

I got that swell parcel quite a few miles back and quite a few days ago believe me it couldn’t have come at a better time: that box of choclates lasted only one round but I managed to get six out of it first. The choclate drink really made a hit last night with our hosts who had never tasted anything quite like it, and for that mother neither had we we had just arrived and were nearly frozen stiff so it really hit the spot. I ate the peanut butter while advancing a couple of nights ago it was the 

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