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Date: June 19th 1942

338 Coast Bty. Folkestone. Kent

June 19th 1942

Hello Dad:-

Received you card yesterday! Was I ever glad to hear from you, has a letter from you a few days ago too. I except youve received a couple from me by now, also Mom should have several. See by your card Cliff is expected home on furlough, I guess he’s earned one by now, what?

I hear you’re an Air Raid Warden now, dont congratulate yourself too much yet, because if the war ever shifts to Canada, you’ll find yourself losing a Hell of a lot of sleep, like these blokes here, and then you’ll be a bit sorry, I’ll bet! people seem to resent being told that their sharing a light, or that they’ll have to take cover, all in all it’s a very thankless Job at best and believe me really risky.

I havent been in for a swim to-day although its really hot, but spent most of the day fishing in the channel, got two fish and two lobsters and of course dozens of crabs, would you believe it the lobsters brough in Nearly two Dollars, we didnt share in the proceeds though, we had a lot of fun

I think I mentioned in the other letter that its nearly time to be shoving off. three weeks or there abouts. Ill try and let you know, so it wont be too much of a surprise when I walk in, I wouldn’t send any more letters if I were you.

Irene appears to be Quite happy doesn’t she I expect she’s getting settled down now, Cliff tells me she’s making swell chocolate cake, thats really nice! I expect to spend some little time there when I arrive in Halifax, Ada wrote me about the same time you did she’s getting along pretty good these days too a little too Romantic I think but she’ll get over that in time.

Tell Mom I’ll write her again to-morrow and give her all the latest dirt If any, well I guess its nearly time for supper, as I can hear the evening patrol starting out. so cheerio and all The best

Your own Son believe it or not


P.S. Hows our lawn looking these days?  

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