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Date: September 23rd 1918

Sept. 23, 1918

Dear May:-

It is raining mighty hard out side this evening so I shall devote an hour or two to letter writing and will tell you of some of the wonders of London as seen during a four day leave.

A signaller by name of MacMillan from Port Dover went with me and we arrived in the city about [?].30 Friday evening.  Proceeded to the Maple Leaf Club, at which I stayed on previous visits and booked a bed each, then went for a walk along Oxford Street and into Hyde Park, there being little excitement at that late hour we soon returned to the club to crawl between the white sheets once more.  This is one of the pleasures to which I have always looked forward when going on leave but do you know the first night was rather a disappointment for I woke up several times and thought seriously of trying the floor.

Saturday after having our passes [?] and sending a telegram to my London girl friends we went to Westminister Abbey as my pal had not been there.  It was my third visit but still it is one grand place of which one never tires. 

It the afternoon saw “Fair and Warmer” an amusing farce, at the Prince of Wales Theatre. In the evening met the ladies previously mentioned, and sat around the Park.

Sunday about 10 am we started for Church but while passing through Hyde Park saw a couple of waac’s who apparently needed company so, me being leader started a conversation which lasted until noon.  They were both Irish girls mine being typical, a short fat one, accidentally I met this girl twice afterward, on Tuesday evening before we left town and she also was leaving for Ireland, and in a subway station while she was on the way to the train.  Walked around the Tower and the Zoo in Regents Park in the afternoon of Sunday, attended a band concert in the evening and as usual became acquainted with more girls, two from Portsmouth this time who were holidaying also and these we met the following day and took them to Hampton Court Palace.

Might say the fellow with me was rather quiet to it was entirely on my nerve that we were able to have so much company, when it comes to talking to strange girls I never lack that necessary element.   

Hampton Court is a wonderful place which requires much time to appreciate our time was limited and the famous painting in the art gallery occupied most of our time.  Absolutely glorious, (how I wish you could be with me) some of the paintings were by Vandyke and artist of his standard, the ceiling of many rooms had the prettiest painting imaginable.  The old clock which tells the time, day, month, season, year, phase of the moon, and numerous other things is one of the wonders of the palace.  The largest grape vine in the world and beautiful gardens are added attractions.  In the evening of Monday took the first mentioned friends to the Gaiety Theatre to see a musical comedy “Going Up” only cost me 17 shillings for two seats about 4 dollars, seems enough when it represents 8 days pay but it was a great show and had some good music.  “When you look into her eyes”, “The touch of a womans hand” “Kiss me” and “Do it for me” were the selections I liked best.  It was the story of two men making a bet as to which one was the best aviator the one being a French airman of experience and the other had written a book about flying and had never been in a machine.  Well because they were both greatly attracted by the same girl, she finally became the real prize to the winner.  Oh the comedy brought into it was great as the author was frightened to death of flying and has to learn how to handle the machine in twenty-four hours.  Can you imagine how the music would be brought into it, like when the inexperienced aviator decided to give up and tell them he was a “fake”, “When you look into her eyes” was the reason he decided to continue.  After the flight began most of the people were informed of the deceit and of course expected him to be killed but the as story goes, he won the race and girl.

Tuesday morning we joined a Y.M.C.A party and visited Bank of England, Guild Hall, Stock Exchange and St. Pauls Cathedral.  The latter place requires pages of descriptions so I will tell you of it later. 

Spent the evening with the popular girls and returned to camp leaving the city at 10.35. 

Received a nice letter from Isabelle a few days ago and learned that Steward Schram is in France as a Major now.  Will enclose the program of the graduating exercises.  A picture of Dorothy was enclosed and just a grand letter I really enjoyed it so much as any I receive.

Father has told me of his renewing ventures with the clay.  I certainly hope it is a success and if it is the “goods” it is a good opportunity to put it on the market; Wilmer should go into the details and see if they together could make a million or two.

Well now I want to hear a lecture on the “Re-birth of a nation” so must close. 

Best of love to all the dear one

Your affectionate brother,


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