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Date: July 5th 1918
May and Folks

Witley July 5/18

Dear May and Folks:-

Yours of June 2nd duly received and was most welcome. 

How did the pictures, turn out, which you took of the children?  no doubt ‘ere this there are some on the way to me and I will hardly recognize the subjects, for it is ten months since I left and that time makes a great change in children.

The days, weeks and months pass so quickly that it hardly seems possible that it will soon be a year since I left the old home land; even yet it seems to be a dream from which I do not waken.

Can quite imagine the scene on the lake shore which you describe and you may guess that I should have liked to be there.

Mary is starting well by filling the banks, which action will prove rather pleasant when she gets older and wants some particular thing. 

Lieut Clackson was never very popular with the boys but I thought him quite alright.

Did you give Cecil my address so that he could find me, because he will likely come to this camp and I may be able to help him enjoy himself.  Glad to hear that he is seeing the humorous side of life for that makes it far more pleasant.

No doubt I shall soon realize my desire of crossing the channel for I am considered a 1st class signaller, (even though I’m far from it). Oh I shall not be sorry to get there, for new excitement is ever welcome. 

Next week, I will be on the first fatigue in many weeks for the qualified men do all that work; believe my name is up for cook-house duty so you can imagine seeing a black and greasy form making his exit from that place each evening for a week.  Oh no, I don’t mind at all, every job has its advantages and this is one, at which one gets fed extremely well. 

Last Monday July 1st was a holiday which I spent mostly in Guildford, fooling round until evening and then meeting a girl with whom I have been out several times but that was the finale for we had a pleasant little exchange of sarcasm with resulted in a final goodbye.

The letter to mother told of the nice lassie I met in Edinburgh; well I hear from her each week and believe me, I liked her better than anything I’ve talked to. on this side of the pond.  She was a very athletic girl with brown eyes and rosy cheeks and I’ll sure go back to that town the first chance that comes my way.

‘am having such a soft time now that laziness has become a habit which I fought off for a long time but then with no better prospects of the end of hostilities why worry, since we may be soldiers for a long time yet. 

Did you receive the pictures in good shape?  Will be sorry if they are damaged for they are beautiful scenes of a most interesting country.  Sent a small parcel for Mary and John with just little souviners of Stirling Castle but have had a terrible time trying to find a present for Mother, in fact I have no succeeded yet.

Must write to my bonnie lassie this evening, so will close.  Yes it is true that I am most fickle, wish you could see the hosts of letters I receive from friends though, it keeps me buisy replying to them.

Hope Wilmer is enjoying his work and that everyone is happy.

Best of love to you all.  Tell daddy to write, it is so long since I have heard from him.

Your brother


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