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way up to Batt. H.Q. with a message and we heard a shell coming and I jumped into a deep shell hole and got buried and the hole I was in was a new one and the smoke was still coming out of the ground and I was a bit stunned from the shock and laid there, and breathed in that bad smoke from the powder it made me sick and they sent me out to the transport and now I am down here again I don’t think they are going to send me up the line again they have given me a job working in the Corporals dining room it isnt a bad job at all

Well I must close now. Hope this finds you all well

I remain your son


P.S. Thank Maggie for her letter and tell her I will write to her in a day or Two.


Don’t adress my letters to the A.P.O. London or they will go up to the Batt before they come here just

2 C M R

Canadian Base


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Original Scans