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Date: June 7th 1918
Sister May

Witley June 7/18

Mrs. W.R. Fisher

Stoney Creek Ont. C.

Dear Sister May:-

Your most delightful and newsy letter received last evening and quite appreciate what a task it is for you to find time to write and therefore enjoy your letters all the more.  It is quite right that you should look after those dear children of mine (for I feel that I have a big claim on them) and I do want them to be all that I hope for them.  Do you know, I often think about how much I should like Mary to have a good musical education on some of the favorite instruments,’ cello, harp or violin and have dreams of how, as an old bachelor uncle, I shall enjoy the evenings listening to the grand harmony which can be produced on any of those instruments.  John was a little too young when I left, to quite impress me with what his future should be.  Oh I am terrible selfish and forget that their father and mother will have ambitions for their children but if I never marry I shall surely continue to have great imaginary claim on them.

Received a grand parcel from Bessie allen of Toronto this evening as well as three copies of spectator, two globes from Mr Finning of the C.P.R. and star weekly from Mr. B. almer.  Aren’t the people good to me?  I had no idea what good friends I had in Canada until I reach this country.

If it is fine tomorrow, I shall go to Guildford and take a miss wood, a stenographer, for a walk and have tea with her.  The girl has quite a tough struggle in life but has a very large heart and I enjoy her company for she is very cheerful.

Did not go on pass as I expected this week but may do so soon.

My friend Moore left for France last Wednesday and it is going to the same B’n as Dave is in, the 54th.  I do hope they meet and become friends.

Haven’t I surprised you by writing home so regularly and beside the numerous correspondents to which I write occasionally, I send two other letters each week to my particular friends.

Well you have quite a stock of poultry aye!  how nice is it that you are both interested in thing which help to reduce the cost of living to a considerable extent. 

We have day light saving system over here and imagine the sun not setting until 9.30pm. 

They surely are sending a bunch of men over here now and evidently all are needed; if Tom Jones should come tell him to be sure and let me know and I shall be a good pal to him.  It is rather foolish to avoid the infantry for after all they are “the soldiers”.

Although I did not know that Ruby was engaged to Mr. Ridge, I thought it possible and consider it an excellent combination. 

Do you remember Mr. Townsend that used to live near Capt. Orr’s at Fruitland, well he is messing officer at the dinning room where we eat and is about as popular as a skunk at a garden party.  The boys hiss and holler at him and even throw bread at him, they have to be pretty bad before that happens. 

Did mother to get some presents for the children as I requested, for there birthdays; will try to send some little gift from Scotland if I get there.

Please convey my congratulations to Irene and Pearl on their addition to their families.

Wilmer is sure to prove himself a valuable man in his new position and wish him every success.  Well May I must go back to the hut so must close.  Heaps of love and “Packs” to you all I am dear sister,

Your most affectionate brother


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