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Date: June 5th 1942

338 Coast Bty.

June 5th 1942.

Dear Mom:-

Moved to “R” last evening, talk about a swell place, were billeted in a former mansion and our Sgts. messin in a ritzy hotel, with a huge dancing hall and a bar, as long as the grocery counter in the Coop. We can still see France but its slightly farther away, The R.A.F. pass over here more than they do Dover so we may see one of those 1000 bomber formations if were lucky. There seems to be some women here, which is unlike Dover, so Ill be getting my system worked up again and see if it’s as effective with these gals as it was with the ones in Wales.

Yesterday I received the letters from Ebby, Lennie and yourself. It sure was a treat to get a letter like that, I intend answering each one and putting the letters all in the same Envelope (save paper) Ill probably be stuck trying to think of something to say, so don’t expect to much, By the way Im as fit as a fiddle and have a nose that’s nearly as red as a tomatoe, these last couple of days have been blisteress (over) and weve been sun bathing on the white cliffs of Dover, its so warm that Ive been wearing nothing under my little dress jacket, not a livin stitch, when we come over here we had to turn in all our summer kit as they don’t wear same over here, Tough eh!

Well in a months time we’ll be through here and as far as we know, we’ll be comming right home, we may get seven days leave, but that’s only a surmise, if we do I shall probably have a chance to visit some of the people whose addresses we have. Worthing is not so terribly far from here but the only way to get there is to go up to London first and catch a train from there, all together it would cost me about six bucks which aint chicken feed!

As I’ve got to write Ebby, Lennie and Ada yet I think I better roll up and pack away so from the guy across the sea, whose as happy as can be, may the war go on for ever, as long as the English have their tea



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