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Date: March 22nd 1942

Llandudno N.Wales.

Mon 22nd 1942

Dear Mom:-

Am now on vacation in North Wales in a place called Llandudno of course Ill probably have to do a little work while here but you know I never minded a bit of work, in fact you know that’s what I came here for anyway, Ill be here for a month at least and then will probably move along the coast somewhere by the way our old friends “V’ and ‘Z’ met with an accident and I shant be able to see them for a while, you’ll find one on our mop directly across from “G”, it’s a very beautiful summer resort and believe it or not we are the only three Canadians in a town of between eighteen and twenty thousand, There are great big hotels and boarding houses, the beach extends for about three miles and has all kinds of amusements on the board walk. All in all a pretty swell place to spend a month.

If the above mentioned information confuses you try using your brain and the little sketch you have already and you should be able to figure things out pretty well, as Ive given out no information that can be used by anyone but us,

Left no. 2. C.A.R.O. but still have the same address, and any mail coming in will be forwarded to me here and will be sure to get me, eventually I will get back there, I guess after three or four months of this travelling around It will be pleasant to get back to our base and get started for home.

For some reason or other I cant seem to find much to write about, I guess its because Ive gotten used to this place and nothing surprises me anymore Im living in a huge three story building now, with three of the original crew as room mates, the rest are scattered all over England Scotland and Wales. I have to say So long for now.


P.S. Address is still the same though that’s not where I am now as you can see. Tell the bunch ill be writing them soon.

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