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Date: February 27th 1942

Halifax N.S.

Feb 27th 1942.

Dear Mom:-

Just a few lines to wish you good bye, and to tell you that I’m in the best of health and rarin to go, as you know I cant mention any dates, names, or any other particulars, in fact you may not receive this letter for a few days as the mail is geniuly held up a few days before a car leaves here.

The particular ship were going to go in is supposed to be pretty good so were not worried in the least.

Ada and I went to the show last night and that makes the last one of the family that I have seen, I could have gone out to Downings last night but I hate saying goodbye to people who have been so swell, so I was cowardly and had Ada deliver my best wishes etc., I called Irene and Ada to-night on the phone for a last good bye, its sure been swell here I can just imagine what a miserable place Halifax would be without friends like the Downings   (over)

I received a letter from Mildred yesterday tell her to keep up the good work also Irene told me there is a letter from me out at the house, by the way my new address will be as at the bottom.

Tell all the kids etc. that Ill write them as soon as I can get established in England and that Ill expect them to write in return, don’t get crazy Ideas about sending me a lot of things that I can do just as well without, a letter means more to me any day tell me something about ever body including the cat.

When I was having supper at the Y.M.C.A. last night Stan Harding who is in the navy sat down beside me and after talking for a while he said that a certain lady who was serving behind the counter was Catherine Tween but I couldn’t belive him so he called her over and sure enough it was, gosh what a change, Mrs Welland Brennan was also working in the kitchen cripes what a chat we had.

Well I think its nearly time for me to shut up. So ill say so long for now.


F11177 Sgt W.L. Hollett

c/o Can military Hgo

London Eng.

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