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Date: February 18th 1942

Halifax N.S.

Tuesday Feb 18th 1942.

Hello Mom:

This is me! Still here and likely to be for some time to come. I got da Dough and Im releasing da kid, so Tanks, no fooling thought I can use it as I’ve only gotten five Dollars since I came up here. Which aint much but I don’t think you need seen anymore because Friday or Saturday will be payday and I should get about Twenty Bucks I hope?

If you could see me now you would disown me because Im not shaved, my boots aren’t laced and this is the third letter for me to-day. It’s two o clock in the after noon and I’m getting writers cramp so it just aint me at all.

I got a letter from Dad, and one from Mary. Also the papers which I read till half past two this morning. I saw our own little Midred’s name as the President of the Y.P.U of Common United Church. Some gal that, If I was Kirk I’ll be damned If I would’nt marry her right away, Cripes the girls up here cant hold a candle to our own little collection, so there too!

Mary tells me that old Davie Turner is dead and Burried and that Old man Royln is too I suppose when I get back Gabriel will be in full over. charge of the store and be running her wan right into the ground if it isn’t already.

I hope Margaret, Mildred, Evelyn, Lennie and Verna are all well and still kicking, I wonder if they got my letters and if so what the Hell is wrong with the ink well or isn’t nibs or maybe its my trouble they have namely writers cramp. You know my hand gets paralyzed after the fourth letter and then I have to quit weather I want to or not.

Ada has an epistle of mine that she was going to send but I guess she is scared of it getting picked up by the censors. So just be patient and you’ll get it. I dont have to tell you to keep it under your hat because their censoring right and left up here. Some letters they send back to the writers as being to revealing and they enclose a little warning too.

I always knew if I ever got a chance to go over seas something would happen to cribb things up. Of course its been another experience that I can store back in my brain for future use, and experience being the best teacher Ive been well taught this last month or so.

Well mom this looks like all the news for now, Ill be going out to see Ada and Irene and take the papers out to them because they will sure like to see them too.

So long for now


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