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Date: April 25th 1915

Mulvey 663

April 25th

Well Charlie dear I go no letter all this week and I do not seem to have much to say Dorothy was over to help John in the shop some times on saturday nights he is business I am scolding him for wasting the soft watter our tank was empty and I got young Ted to clean it it is a good thing that you did not try to get into it I do not think you would have got out again it was hard work for Thed not enough room between the top of it and the floor there is a little watter in it now

Middleton came up to see us to day John and him is gon out for a walk I house cleaned up stairs last week when I started I thought I would do one room a week so Monday I went over to Mauds tusday I got to work next morning I felt rested so started the next room and so on everyday till I done the whole four upstairs is all done now but the bath room and the hall do you ever git a bath we read in the papers about the men when they come out of the trenches gitting a bath I was wondering if it was true we hear so much stuff that we do not know what to believe I all ways think that things are worse then we are told for all the men that are gon away and all that has joined and are still here there is an awfull lot of men out of work still there was a great mob of them gathered at the City hall demanding work one day there was a great time getting them sent away I think I will put in the seed in the garden next week with Teds help it is hard to git him to do anything Mr Michel think that you are the only man that left Winnipeg he sends his best wishes for your safe return Dorothy is gon to Sunday school I was going to git the potatos for dinner but I guess I will leave them for her to do that is if she git home in time I wait for Ted to come and bring them up out of the celler for I am tired and stiff after my hard weeks work.

I will have to put a war stamp on this letter it is the first one that I used  Well Dorothy and Mary [?] just come home so it Dorothy to git the potatos they are at them Mary tell me about a lad here that got a letter from where you are he munitions you in it I will have to stop now

with love from all
at home and from Mother

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Original Scans