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Date: September 13th 1915
Mrs. Evans
John Hutchinson

France Sept 13th 1915

Dear Mrs Evans

I received your most welcome letter about a week and I started to answer both yours and Harrys and as you will see by this that I did not get the one to him finished until tonight and it was just five days ago since I started it but I hope to be able to write 3 or 4 with tonight so will catch up with my mail again.  The report that you got about Charlie being wounded would be the one that the officer would first put in when he got hit the place were he was last saw was about a mile back from the trench but as we had to retire back a lot farther than a mile you will see how it was that we lost him and the staff at the first aid hospital had no time to take anyone out so that it how he came to be left there let us hope though that he has been taken by the Germans and through some reason or other as not been able to let us know

I am glad to hear that the pay you told me about is the $10.00 that he aranged for you to get if you still get that shows that he has not been report has killed as you would have got all that he had coming to him

Well I have no news that I can tell you only that we are expecting to get into another fight with the Germans in a few day so I think I will close hoping this finds you all well I remain Yours Truly JG Hutchinson

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