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Date: July 26th 1915
Mrs. Evans
John Hutchinson

July 26th 1915

Dear Mrs. Evans

I received your most welcome letter of the 2nd and was disappointed when I read it as I was sure you would know the whereabouts of Charlie or what happened to him but as you don’t I am going to tell you just what happened that day as near as I can  On the 24th of April just at dawn the Germans open up on us with rapid fire (this was at Y---) we  got up in the trench and opened fire on them a few minutes later word was passed to me that Charlie had been hit I went to him at once and found that he had a very painful wound but I do not think a serious one the bullet went in along side his nose and came out at the back of his neck we bandaged him up as best we could and put him in the dug-out I then went back to my just as soon as the firing stop I went to him again he was very weak from lose of blood but was able to talk to me a little I went to him as often as I could about every hour and he seemed to be getting stronger all the time as when we got the first aid men to take him out to the first aid station he gave me some letters and his hat badge to keep for him and I talked to him for about 15 minutes then they took him out (I might say that he was the only wounded man taken out of that trench) he got to the first aid station alright I am sure of that but the Germans got threw our lines that night the staff at the first aid station had to get out and they left 8 or 10 wounded then the Germans shelled the place and the wounded were all killed so I was told I was going to go back the next night to see if he had been left but as I was wounded myself the next morning I could not get there that is the last I heard of him I made inquiries when I got back here but they new nothing and I fear the worst if I ever get back to that place I will go and see the graves and see if any of them as is name on them do not let this upset you but when the Government send a mans pay home I fear the worst but I hope to God that he is alright some place and will not give up hope until I see his grave or get official notice so if you hear anything please let me know as soon as possible and now I think I will close hoping to hear some good news when you write again

I remain
Yours Truly
J Hutchinson

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