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Date: April 9th 1916

#2339 Sapper H.L. Irwin C.E.
Can Ordnance Corp.
Ashford Kent.

April 9th 16.

My Dearest Sister Greta

I rec your letter some days ago, & very sorry about your head again, But I hope it will not get as bad as it did befor, Well Florence and I are very well, although both a cold. we are stell in Ashford keeping house. we do our own house keeping now, & geting on fine, Florence cooks fine, we are both good & fate, I weigh 160 lbs now. & Florence is good & fate too. But I guess she will be fatter soon, you will be Aunty next October if nothing happens in mean time & I will be Dady, when do you expect to be Mama. or do you think you will ever get married, I like married life the best, I dont sleep good unless she is beside me now, Say Greta I beleave you like Kids, you just need to say the word & you can have the lettle animal when it comes, I can send it to you by parcle post. let me know in next letter if you want it or not, and you can have it, I dont want it. and I never ordered it, so I dont know why it is coming, But we have got to take what comes these days, we did not want this war, But it came, so we have to do the best we can with it, But hope it will soon be over, But just wait untell you are married & got six lettle ones running after you, & then you will think of me, But Dont forget to let me know if you want this one or not, I think it will be a girl,

Well Greta I have got no news, I am stell at same old job, I dont know how long I will be here, maybe two or three days and maybe to end of war,

Will close now with all my Love

I am as ever your Loving Brother Harold


Dear Greta,

Thank you very much for the nice letter you wrote me. Guess you are some industrious folks over there. It is nice of you to be sending me a cushion cover to work. But guess I have never worked one before & hope I don’t make an awful mess of it. You seem to be experts at fancy work over there. I am very sorry that you have been ill. It must have been most awfully painful & hope that you are quite all well again. Sorry I can’t think of any more to write tonight, Harold is talking the whole time & I wonder that I have managed so much. The weather is getting quite nice here now, But expect it is really better out where you are. With Love

I remain

your affectionate sister



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