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Date: March 12th 1916
Harold Irwin

Sapper HL. Irwin #2339.
c/o Can Ordnance. Corp.

March 16 Sunday

My Dearest Mother

As I have not heard from you this week I thought I would just drop you a fue lines any way, But there has been no Canadian Mail at all this week, I guess the new German Blockade has some thing to do with it no one has recieved any mail from Canada this week, so well expect a large mail this coming week,

Well Mother I am stell at Ashford and alive yet, Florence & I are stell at same place, And geting treeted very good by Landlady, And stell very happy together, I am very much more happier now sense I have been married, And I like Married life fine, I could not live without my lettle wife now, And I expect to be Dady befor this year is out, 2 months now.

How would you like to be Grannie Florence is Keeping very good,. although very tired some times, But she seems very happy, I am feeling fine, although I have lots of colds yet, And my Blood is out of order just now, But all the same I weigh 161 lbs, not so bad, Florence is good and fat. she weighs about 130 lbs, some nice little wife, Well we are geting a lettle more money now, I got $20 00 at the first of March, and I will get about $25 00 this week. (I think) so will be all straited up fine then, as we where a fue Dollars in the hole last month, But I think we will get alone fine from now on, on $30 00 a month,

Well Mother there is no news, we never go out much now, stay in nearly ever evening & [?], Florence has never been home sense she was married, I am going to try & let her go home for a fue days next month, if we can save enough. by then, although we hear from London every week, her Dad was down to see us one day last month, he is a nice old man,

We have had lots of snow for over two weeks now, & very cold. But today was nice & worm, we where out for a walk this after–noon, & it was lovely & worm, & I hope it stays worm now, I was working this morning, But Gee I wish I was back in Canada again, And I will be glad when the day comes to go.

Well Mother I guess this is all for just now, Am going to write to Greta now, Hope I hear from you this week, Hope to get two letters, I am going to have a Birthday this month I beleave, I guess I will be 20 then (wont I?), Florence wont beleave I am only 20 years old,

Will say bye bye for just now Will write again when I hear from you again

With best Love from the Both

I will always remain your

Loving son for ever


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