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Date: October 10th 1915
Harold Irwin

Oct 10th 1915

My Dearest Mother

I rec your Dear letter this morning befor I was up, will it is sunday I never got up this morning untell 10 .a.m., had a good rest, I am stell working at Sandling, But am going to move at end of Month, I am not sure where we are going as yet, But I expect it will be to Ashford. That is 20 miles nearer London, and it is a better camp there. there is on other Canadian there so will have the hole town to our selfs, But we might go back to barracks we are not sure as yet, will let you know later, I was down to Folkestone last night & was at picture show. & then came Home.

Will Mother I think I have told you all about the money that I know you will get the Sepration alowens from the first of September, I hop that is all O,K, you should have got it from the first of July, But the pappers where lost, & I guess I have drown nearly all the money, I have been wondering ever sence I came acrossed Why I was geting so much money every week it never came through my heard what was wrong, I kind of thought they had made some mustak and I thought they where keeping your money seprat & you would get it later, the way we get paid here is funny, we have a bank boock and every time we wont money we just take it in & drown if there is any thing coming to use, and every time I have taken mine in there was money, and I thaught it funny, for I was thinking all the time I was only geting half pay, But I never thaught that I had drown so much money as I have done, untell I went to see about it that time and I found that your money had not gone to you at all as my pappers had been lost or some mix up in my name, and that I had drawn nearly all the money thinking that you are geting yours at same time, I had a thought that I was geting more then that was coming to me, I thaught I was taking advanteg of them & did not know it was of you & [?] money was saved for you, But I never thought in this world that I had drawn so much, and all there was in there was anove to start you from the first of September, and I hope that will be all right, it was not the folt of the pay master in London, it was our own pay masters folt, for being drunk all the time, & lost pappers, But I know these pappers have gone through all O,K, I have made out the Sepration alowens & also Assynement too, from the first of September,

Will Mother every thing is about same here, it has been raining a lote here, But the sun has been shining nice today, I had a letter from Laura this morning too, she sent her picture I think it is very nice I have wrote her today too, if you see her Please dont tell her any thing about Florrie, as Florrie and I might Brake up, like so many other Girls I meat, and I never wont Laura & I to be bad friends, because maybe some day I may come back single & wont her, & of coase I never liked any girl in England, or never went out with any, I am Glad Hazel is stell Happy, and I wish I was back there & happy like her, it gets pretty lonesome some times away over here, when I think of Home, give Hazel My love I wrote her some time ago & never heard from her sense,

I am sending you a good picture of Florrie that she has gave me to give to you, it is the same as the other I sent you only a larg one, I will send it some day this week if I can get stuff to send it with,

Will Dear Mother I guess I will close & go to tea as it is 4 45 & we have tea at 5. Pm, give my love to all I have got all the provences dont send any more from office I have never rec any that you have sent from Home as yet, But maybe I will get some this week will look for them any way dont send any thing to me Mother as I have got all I nead, & more, all I have to get is my cigarettes, & tobaco, I thought you said you where sending me some of Hazels wedding cake I have never received any yet

Must close now and get some thing to eat with all my Love Hugs & Kisses I will always remain your Loving Son Harold.

And hope to be Home soon

Am looking for the time any way Wife or no Wife I will be Home sooner & later, But I think you can expect a wife, But no knowing what may happen,

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