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Date: September 7th 1915
Harold Irwin

Sapper H.L. Irwin #2339
C.E. Regt. A Coy.
Sep 7th 15

Dearest Mother

I have not had my mail today But I guess there is a letter from you, I will go down and get it tomorrow night, I am out at Sandling now, in the Ross rifle factory working this is the first day I have been out here. it is only 8 miles from our camp, we have to take train, But trains run every hour so not so bad, the work is very good here. I work the after noon shift this week. we work from 11 30 A.M. untell 7 P.M. and then we are off untell 11 AM the next day we can stay out all night if we like, next week I will work from 3 30 a.m. untell 11 30 AM, then I will be off all after noon & evening and dont have to be in untell 3 30 AM if I wont to, so you see we have all kinds & time to our selfs. we get 5 meals a day and six if we wont it, we get all we wont to eat & more, & very good too. our beds are not very good here, But we manage all right, the work is very ease, we put out over (4000) rifles today. we have about 200 men working altogether,

Where I am tonight is the Y.M.C.A, that is right along side of our works, they have a very nice place here. we can buy any thing we can to eat & they have got all kinds of games any thing you care to read, & all kinds & write paper pens & ink & real nice writing tables (all face)

There is a big consirt going on now but I am so fare back I can not hear any thing so am writing to you, But it is a real nice clean place to come and sit & right,

I am sending you a badge like my hat badge I will send it tomorrow, I have not rec your parcel as yet, I seen about the money yesterday, and sent to new [?] in for fear the other is on the bum, and they where telling me that you can get the seperation alowens, so see what you can do, and I will do the same,

Will I guess this is all for this time But send my mail to the same place as they send it out every day. send to R,E, Barracks Shorncliffe. I will not be going to London for some time now, But am going as soon as I can,

give my love to all, How is Hazel & George now, are they all right, give them my best wishes for a Happy life, Will try and write them sunday.

Good night I am going to bed now and am going to stay there untell 9 AM tomorrow morning, with love Huges & Kisses I am as every your loving son


Wish I was Home. 

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