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Date: July 14th 1915
Sister Hazel
Harold Irwin

R.C.E. Camp Shornecliffe Kent England
July 14th 15

Dearest Sister Hazel

rec your letter today & glad to hear from you, am geting on fine, and geting farther away all the time, England is a beautiful place as ever you have seen, every thing is just so, all the roads gardens & farms are all fixt just so so there is a town at every mile along rail road, and every house & station looks alike, about 20 familys to a house, and every house just the same, all built of stone & Brick, the street cares look if they where going to fall over all the time & looks like one car on tope of another, they sure are funny & also the railway trains look like toys, But they sure go like the devil, over

I am going to London for one or two days next month, so will see more then, nearly all the streets are only about 8 ft wide here, and nothing But terns & corners, and half the time they do not know what us Canadians are talking about and we sure have all kinds of fun with them, I guess this is all for this time, will write again when I hear from you again, take good care of mother & tell George not to joine army, I am as ever your Loving Brother Harold

PS. get my address from Mother,

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Original Scans

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