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Date: June 17th 1915
Harold Irwin

June 17th  15

Dearest Mother & All

I arived all O.K. yesterday morning, & had beautiful tripe, we had Lady friends all the way down, and befor I arived there was two or three welling to marry me, I asked them to and they realy thought I ment it, there is nothing But French people here, nearly every body you meat is French. some cant talk English at all, there was one girl on the train that could not talk English at all, I had lots of fun with her all the same, we had tourist all the way down & had three meals a day in dinner, & they sure used us swill, the camp here is rotten, But they used as nicer than they did the others that came came from Winnipeg and other places, they gave us a nice tint to ourselfs, and some of the officers said we where the best bunch of boys that has came into there camp as yet, we know our drill best and they put us a head of all the rest. I am going away to England as a rider I was in the saddle all day yesterday and all day Today, and Tomorrow we are going up for inspection, and I was put on the front horses, But we are not going to take any training here at all we are going to England to take our training we have not got all our new clothes as yet But I think we will get them tomorrow

Will Mother and all this is a very pretty place But it is very slow, there is all kind of Girls But nearly all French, I met one Girl “French” she is from the country, she said she loves me too much, she makes me laugh she said she wonts to marry me befor I go to England Pur Kid I should not laugh at her, so I guess I will leave her along from now on. Say Mother you know that lettle Girl that was down at the train to see me off. her name is Madeline Musson she is a very nice lettle girl, I am Writing to her and telling her to call on you. She gave me ten boxs of cigarettes when I was coming away, so you will talk nice to her for me if she comes up, her address is North Vancr. P.O. How is Emily give her my love & tell her to write if she can find time, My address is Lce Corp. L. Irwin c/o 6th Field Camp Can Engineers Camp Rockcleffe Park Ottawa ontario Can, & if I should go away they will forword to me, Put in corner of envelop #2339 that is my number now, I will write you again on sunday, so I will close now hoping to hear from all soon I do not get very much time to write, I am at the Y.M.C.A. now I go down there every night for a bath. it dose not cost us any thing. That is one thing that is free any way, Will say good buy for this time Love to all, I am as ever yours lovingly Harold. address on other side

Lce Corp .L. Irwin

c/o 6th Field Company

Can Engineers Camp

Rockcleffe Park.





(Pleace forward.)

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Original Scans

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