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Mother, Father and Dorothy

Chatan Junction

On Chaleur Bay, N.B.

Monday Morn. 8. Am.

Dear Mother, Father & Dorothy: -

We woke up this morn. to find ourselves skirting along the shores of Chaleur Bay! All day yesterday we followed the intercolonial R.R. up along the East shore of the St. Lawrence but too far from the rower to see it except in places. Late in the P.M. we got a good look at it. This morning we got a good look at the Chaleur Bay & a whiff of sea breeze. It rained yesterday all the way from Montreal but this A.M. the sun is out althou’ the air feels damp.

We enjoyed the scenery along the St. Lawrence valley very much. The long narrow, beautifully kept farms & innumerable villages, were very interesting. Last night we heard the chimes in a beautiful church in a tiny village ringing the vespers.

A large part of the country was covered with heavy timber, and on the innumerable rivers that we crossed we saw large & saw mills & log jams.

About 3 O’clock in the PM we stopped at Chaudin Jct. on the Chaudier River & went for a half hour march in the rain. It was a very pretty little village, but the French Canadian people are not very friendly with the soldiers. From the town we could see across to the new Quebec bridge, which collapsed recently. We could see the woo and spam with a space in the centre where the other span had been.

We will probably get to Moncton [word crossed out “early”] this morning sometime & into Halifax early tomorrow morning.

Foreman is better this morning & Mac’s cold is better too.

Everyone is getting ready & shined up for another march, and so I must get ready too. Will try & get another card written today.

With love to all


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