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Date: January 27th 1917
My Dear Ones at Home





My Dear Ones at Home, -


At times it seems difficult to find either time or place to write letters and during the last few days this seems to have been the case. Altho' the battalion is on a 'rest', we are kept on the go from 6 o'clock in the morning till 4 P.M. or later. We have parades morning and afternoon, and all our equippment, buttons, etc. have to be cleaned & polished every morning


I believe that I told you that we are billeted in a barn. Ever since we have have been here, it has been very cold, and it is pretty hard to get up in the dark & cold every morning at six, and be on parade at eight, all shined up.


I have received your letters written on 'Xmas & New Year's Days. I also received the little tin of candy, and enjoyed it so much. On the same night, I received a big parcel from Frank Pecovers in London, and a parcel from Mrs. McMurchy From London I got a big cake, sausage rolls, cocoa chocolate bars, tobacco From Mrs. McMurchy a cake, socks, chocolate bars & gum. The three parcels all came in one night. It never rains but it pours.


Last night I got a reg. letter from Cam with the £3 for money order which I sent him to cash I was very glad to get the money as I have been over a month now without a cent.


The weather during the past two weeks has been the coldest that the Canadians have ever experienced in France. The ground is covered with snow, & it is quite like Manitoba


I am so glad that you like it in Burnside It is nice to be so close to Portage, and I am sure the people there will make it pleasant for you. How glad I will be, to be at home there, with you all again


I will write again in a few days




Your boy




Pte. W M Pecover


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