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Date: December 17th 1917
My Dear Ones at Home

Basingstoke, Hants


Dec. 17th  '17


My Dear Ones at Home, -


There is a delightful touch of home spreading over all the landscape this morning. From my upstairs window I can look away out across the valley to the Hampshire Hills - over the tiny fields the hedgerows, the woods, and over all there lies a pure white blanket of snow that has covered every where the green of the English country side But it is a fickle uncertain young winter I fear, for the sun is coming out strong & bright, and already black patches are beginning to show through the white mantle.


I am getting Xmas leave - five days, commencing next Sunday, and returning here on the following Friday Jack Bassett, one of the patients, who is a good friend of mine is going up too, to stay at Franks with me. He is a fine young chap from Toronto, just the same age as Argyle, and has no relatives or friends in this country.


Well I have a new development in my case. The doctor believes that there is a small callous formed on the muscle of my arm where it was wounded, and this is probably pinching the ulnar nerve & also keeping the arm from straightening out. Therefore he has sent me down for an X-Ray, but as they have  no X-Ray machine installed here yet I will have to wait until there is & goodness only knows how long that will be. Probably a matter of some weeks yet. Then if the X-Ray shows that a callous has formed, a slight operation will be necessary to have it removed. So my prospects seem to be some time in hospital yet. But I am quite satisfied to stay in such comfortable & pleasant quarters as long as they will keep me.


This afternoon Bassett and I are going out on wheels to get holly to decorate the wards for Xmas.


Tonight Mark Hambourg, the world famous pianist is giving a piano recital for the patients, assisted by a select company of artists.


You remember I told you that I was going to a National Economy meeting at which Lord Curzon & Auckland Geddes were to speak. Well neither of the big guns turned up, and the meeting was a disappointment.


Well I think this will be all for this morning. Bassett & I took a roll of films on his camera a few days ago & will send you the prints when I get them


With a world of love from your boy




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