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Date: November 23rd 1917



Nov. 23 '17


For God, For King & For Country



H.M. Forces on Active Service


Patron Y.M.C.A. National Council

H.M. The King.


Patron Military Camp Dept.

H.R.H. Duke of Connaught.


My Dear Dorothy, -


I have just walked down town, and am waiting in the Y. till 3 o'clock, when there is to be a concert given by a London concert party in the town hall. There is also a concert up at the hospital tonight from London, & yesterday the church institute gave us a concert & tea in the church. All these concerts we have are of course free and given by the very best talent usually from London.


I am wearing my khaki now instead of blues. Have a little job scrubbing the stairs every morning, for which I get my khaki & a pass till 10 P.M. every night. I have a nice suit of khaki that I got at Eastleigh last May. I have a swell pair of trousers & have put a pair of cuffs on the bottom. I do not wear puttees with them, but today I have on my breeches & puttees. I keep my clothes pressed up in the kitchen. I have a beauty of a great coat too, Imperial cut, with cuffs on the sleeves. I also have a swell cap, something like an officers that I bought at Hastings


On Sunday we went for a walk in Hackwood Park where Lord Curzon has his country residence The house is of course a magnificent place, and the great park is beautiful beyond description It is just such a park as you read about in books; great old English trees, and green meadow land where we saw several herds of deer. I am sending you a couple of views of it that I bought.


The weather for the past few days has been very grand. Warm & sunny & bright, like May in Manitoba. I have had some great bicycle rides through the country on Sister Rosse's [sic] bike. She lends it to me whenever I want it & you can bet I make good use of it.


I am so sorry that poor Mac did not have Xmas in this country. It is certainly hard luck that he has had to go back to that awful country, and without any draft leave too. I hoped to see him before he went back, but was more than surprised to get a letter from him a couple of days ago from the base (Bulonge), and he is pretty sure to be up the line again at Xmas.


I am look forward to a happy Xmas in London. I know what a time we will have at Franks. I never go there but what I have a jolly time, and we will have a regular English Xmas together


I am getting a pass to go down to Reading on Wednesday next. Ernest is off that afternoon & is going to show me over the town


The boys are calling me to hurry up for the concert so must close in haste




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