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Date: November 23rd 1917
My Dear Ones at Home

Basingstoke Hants.


Nov. 23rd '17


My Dear Ones at Home, -


I usually try & write to you on Sunday or Monday but I have put it off this week waiting for some mail from home. However none has come this week yet, but I will get you a letter written this afternoon.


I had a letter from Argyle this morning from France. I was very surprised & sorry to learn that he has been sent back to that awful country, and without any leave too.  They are not allowing any fit man to stay in England now, and it seems to be pretty difficult to get any category other than AI. I do hope that Mac is soon wounded again & sent back to Blighty The 27th are up in that terrible Flanders now too.


I had another letter from Ernest yesterday begging me to come up (to Reading) for a few days. I am going to try to get a two day pass next Wednesday if possible, & stay with him over night. He is sending me the British weekly every week, and as you know it has some splendid reading.


I have a little job scrubbing the steps every morning. It takes me about half an hour every morning, & the sisters & even the matron have all complimented me on how white I get them. For this little bit of work I am allowed to wear my khaki instead of blues, and have a pass till ten P.M. every night.


Sister Ross has given me the free use of her bike when ever I want it. It is a beautiful new wheel, and I have some great rides through the country, in the afternoons. The sister has given me a key to the padlock, & I can go & take the wheel whenever I want it.


I am mailing you a little 'Xmas parcel today with this letter. I do hope it reaches you in time for Xmas, but I am a little doubtful. However when it does reach you, I hope it will be “just what you want.”


The holly is some that I picked on Monday afternoon when I was out on the wheel, but I am afraid it will be rather crushed when it reaches you. It was beautiful holly, and I picked all I could carry from a tree along the road. The tree was about twelve feet high, and the brightest leaves & berries were at the top. I climbed up to the top through the thick prickly foliage and managed to get a beautiful bunch.


[drawing of holly tree]


I hope that I am still in this hospital at 'Xmas. If so I will be able to go up to London in my khaki. I know that we will have a good time there. I hope Cameron can get down too. It's pretty tough that poor Mac should have to spend another 'Xmas up the line.


Must close now for this time & go down town to mail your box


With best of love


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