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Date: November 23rd 1917
Jessie Peden

247 Langside Road

Glasgow, Scotland


23rd [crossed out 21st] Nov. 1917


Dear Markle


It's a wee while since I wrote you a bit scribble, so better late than never.


I got your letter all right, describing Basingstoke as a “Rotten Hole” etc. What Slangy language to put on paper to a prim, proper person like myself, who never says or does any-thing out of place?


Well any how what's about the place if you are in comfortable quarters and have nice nurses, - That's the most important.


What kind of treatment are they giving your arm any how?, for I think it is time there was some improvement.


I think you've got as much as keep you out of France for all time any how.


Of course you will know that Argyle  is away to France again. We had a letter from him nearly two weeks ago, saying he was getting six days leave and would be up to see us, and we did wonder what had happened him till I got a letter just last night from France. Rather a sudden despatch for him, but I suppose they will need all just now. What do you think of Russia, Italy and Ireland? Is it not cruel that there should be such drawbacks to the getting on of this war.


I had a letter from Bill Willoughby last week. He has lost his great friend Geo. Somerville, and is feeling pretty bitter about it. No wonder for they had kept together so long. I never met Geo. Somerville, but had heard so much about him that I almost seemed to know him.


We are having very very mild weather up here just now, and its' not a bit seasonable. Can't think the year is so far on.


Well I'll have to alter the date at top of this for I started it two nights ago and some one came in and I got  no further. Hope to hear your arm is some better when you write again


Yours very sincerely

 Jessie Peden

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